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Candy Canes In Bulk

    candy canes

  • (candy cane) a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)
  • A candy cane is a hard cane-shaped candy stick. It is traditionally white with red stripes and flavored with peppermint or cinnamon (also known respectively as a peppermint stick or cinnamon stick); however, it is also made in a variety of other flavors and may be decorated with stripes of
  • A cylindrical stick of striped, sweet candy with a curved end, resembling a walking stick
  • (Candy Cane) (Rebecca Welsh) sings lead vocals of the all girl punk band “The Killer Bambies”. Society has labeled her a misfit and a punk, but in reality, she has a pure heart. She entered Rumble Roses in order to win the prize money and to save the orphanage where she was raised.

    in bulk

  • Phrs. Laughing. E.g.”Sarah was in bulk all the way through the film.” [Merseyside use]

candy canes in bulk

Spicy Rum Balls

Spicy Rum Balls
Neighbor Wendy tasted and liked them. Organic dried pineapple, cherries and candied ginger from Sunshine Health Foods in Shreveport are in this first attempt. Toasted coconut (brown) and non toasted coconut are not organic. Used Steen’s Pure Cane Syrup and sugar cane confectioner’s sugar. The little paper cups are fun. Have to work on my "round balling" skills.

Photo taken on the front porch of our Highland home.

Organic Cherries on sale for $5.79 regular price 6.99
Pineapple rings bulk .45 lb at 2.89/lb price 1.30
Banana chips whole .18 lb at 2.79/lb price .50
Ginger -Crystallized .19 lb at 3.29/lb price .63

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Kandy Man

Kandy Man
This guy is a product of experimentation with sculpting a human figure with accurate proportions. His armature, believe it or not, is a Terminator T-800 figure by Playmates Toys. Most TRU stores seem overstocked from a couple of years ago, I picked up two for around 25 cents on clearance; not the dumbest purchase I’ve made. The base figure was bulked up with armature wire and Super Sculpey Clay before being covered in a few hundred tiny clay canes. He stands about nine inches tall. He is one of the bigger figures I’ve made- overall I’m pretty happy with it- it takes up a nice big spot in my clay display case.